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Hello and welcome to the Children's Cancer Memorial. We are a sister site to The 

Cancer Memorial website. Created 2001.05.30

I recently received a request for a child to be added to Cancer Memorial and while his name is there, I thought that the graphics even though they looked great, just wasn't quite in keeping with children.  So The Children's Cancer Memorial came to be. If you've lost a child under the age of 19 to Cancer then he or she may be listed here.

All graphics were made by me and I do hold the copyright and I ask that you don't take them from here unless your child is here. Then if you wish, email me and I'll send a copy of your child's to you. All that I request is that you link the graphic back to here. 


Also I have decided to offer a 5 page Dedication website on tripod or similar free server ( hosting and domain not included) to those who wish to have a memorial to their child on the internet.  There won't be any charge for this as long as I don't have to write the text, smile. I can copy and paste all day long but the hunt and peck system of typing that I use would be detrimental to my health if I had to type this stuff by hand, grin.  If you let me know if you want special graphics, I'll try my best to create them for you. 




White Tiger Graphix May 2001

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